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March 15th     9:33 pm

for many years you have not come to be honest with yourself. Be honest now. Start anew. Stay on top of your actions and your mind will keep up with the pace. This is spontaneity and the type that keeps everyone going; fate, excitement, youth, learning. Build yourself like a narrator crafts fosters their storytelling. Be alive. 

February 17th     4:37 am

simple minds 

simple problems

February 2nd     5:23 am

rain coveted 

rain falls 

the silence is torn 

and it reminds me, 

of someone familiar 

to me; 

i am listening to james blake. 

January 25th     6:23 am

i feel honoured being able to watch federer, murray, nadal and djokovic play 

January 16th     9:13 pm

please let me stay silent for today

September 26th     7:45 am


Cormac McCarthy, The Road


Cormac McCarthy, The Road

(via ispeakbecausei)

September 26th     7:43 am

“ When we examine ourselves later on, we discover that all the standards we’ve lived by have shot up another notch and the world’s opened up in unexpected ways ”

Kafka on the Shore Haruki Murakami